About US

My husband and I have lived on a 300 acre farm above the Kootenay River for over 40 years. During this 40 year period we have milked cows, made cheese, sold milk, raised chickens, cows, and pigs. Our dream was to be full time farmers but this didn’t pan out and we ended up settling for part-time farming and careers while raising our three children.

Coming from Dutch heritage I have always had a deep seated love of flowers. As a busy mother I never had much time for flower gardening but one thing I noticed was that the peonies always bloomed no matter how much I neglected them! The blooms were beautiful and fragrant! I was sold on peonies!

In the fall of 2005 I decided to start my peony business and get back to what I enjoy most…being outside and close to the earth. I started by dividing and propagating from my own peonies on the farm. We have now expanded to include over 70+ varieties of peonies.

In recent years we have received recognition for the quality of our blooms by winning awards at peony festivals.

2019 II

At the 2019 National Peony Festival we also won the Best Seedling Peony, unregistered, no name. We hope you derive as much joy from the peonies we grow as we have over the years. Castlegar Peony Show: www.castlegarpeony.com Canadian Peony Society: www.peony.ca


At the 2019 Canadian National Peony Show, we won the Best Semi Double Peony and the MICHAEL DENNY TROPHY for Best Hybrid Peony in show, Dandy Dan.


At the 2018 Show, we won the Best Single, Clair de Lune, and Best Semi Double, Dandy Dan.


At the 2017 Show, we won the Best Tree Peony, High Noon, the Best Double Peony, Rosa Plena, the Best Single Peony, Scarlett O’Hara, and the Best Fernleaf Peony, P. tenuifolia x P. veitchii.


At the 2016 peony show we won Best Single Peony for Day Glow and Best Japanese Peony for Bowl of Beauty.


t the 2015 Canadian Peony Society BC Yukon Peony Show in Castlegar we won Best of Show for Nick Shaylor, a huge double Pink Peony